Google Pay Go India Game Goa City Event Quiz Answers – Win Rs 100

Google Pay Go India Game Goa City Event Quiz Answers :- Hello Friends, if you are looking for gpay  go india Goa city Event Quiz Answers to Win Upto Rs 100, Then read this post. in this post we will share how to get goa city tickets And win goa city events.

Today Google pay started a new city events quiz contest under the gpay go india game. During this contest, You have to visit Goa city and submit the correct answers From 27th to 29th November 2020. Then you will gen an scrach card worth upto Rs 100 from gpay.

How to Visit Goa City in Google Pay go india Game

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Upcoming Google Pay Go india City Events-

1.Nainital Event- From 2th to 4th December

2.Kochi Event- From 10th to 12th December

3.Gaya Event- From 15th to 17th December

4.Bastar Event- From 18th December


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Google Pay Go India GOA Event Quiz Answers :

1. Chapora fort
2. Gokarna
3. Arpora night market
4. Dudhsagar falls
5. Never install any such software or app
6. 2
7. Curries
8. Se cathedral
9. Kukum Juice
10. District

Google Pay Go India GOA Event Quiz Question :

Question 1 – Which of the following forts is located in Goa?

Answer 1 – Chapora Fort

Question 2 – Which of the following is a popular Goan drink?

Answer 2 – Kokum juice

Question 3 – The church located in Goa is the largest church in Asia

Answer 3 – Se Cathedral

Question 4 – Which of these beach is not located in Goa?

Answer 4 – Gokarna beach

Question 5 – You get a call from a person promising you city tickets. The caller asks you to install a software share over SME and you can get any ticket that you want. You will

Answer 5 – Never Install any such software or app

Question 6 – Which of these waterfalls in Goa has served as the shooting location for a popular bollywood movie

Answer 6 –  Dudhsagar Falls

Question 7 – Which of the following is a popular shopping location in Goa?

Answer 7 – Arpora Night Market

Question 8 – Xacuti, Saraptel and Vinadaloo are examples of

Answer 8 – Curries

Question 9 – How many districts does Goa have ?

Answer 9 –  2

Question 10 – Which of these is one of famous beach in Goa

Answer 10 – Calangute Beach

Question 11 – What is best deals or souvenirs when shopping in Goa?

Answer 11 – Clothes

Question 12 – North Goa and South Goa are the 2 _______ of Goa ?

Answer 12 – District

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